Common Table Co is a lifestyle and resource brand dedicated to bringing us back to a culture of eating together by documenting and curating the shared meal.




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Guest Bloggers

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Photos of our past dinners, taken by Dorothy Huynh Photography.


We believe people matter. A meal is not just about the food, but also about the people we share it with. These are the people we laugh with, cry with, love, and care for. These are the people that give significance to our food, who bless us by cooking for or eating with us, and who make the act of eating enjoyable.


We believe in eating great food. Because when we eat great food, whether simple or luxurious, the experiences stay with us. It allows time to savor and enjoy, it inspires, it encourages discussion with friends, and most importantly, it connects us with memories. It's impossible to forget a great meal.



Social media is a huge part of CTC's DNA. We seekto document and curate shared meal inspiration for our readers. We view connecting people over the love and appreciation of food as a duty we happily take on and pursue. The heart of Common Table Co., is to see beyond what's being served or what the table setting looks like and to look to the people we eat with and their stories.

We are committed to working with one another to create beautiful content that documents food and the people we share it with. We invite you to join us in cultivating and caring for the Common Table Co. community by sharing your passions and talents with us. Feel free to drop us a line or new idea.


Netanya Rommel

Fancy-ass blogger, tastemaker, part-time parisian, & wild dreamer.

Caroline Sleeper
Palm Springs

Hand-letterer, Go-getter, whiskey drinker, & director of getting stuff done

Fabricio Turcios

Doer, dog-father, hot sauce fiend, & most likely to not be at his desk.


Friends & Collaborators

Benjamin Holtrop
Photographer, Creative Direction

Megan Clark


Dorothy Huynh

CS Creative Studio
Design, Branding

Dan Fromhart
Photographer, Contributor

Constellation & Co
Letterpress, Designer

The Forager

Union Pine
Location Host