Milk & Roses

Someone said somewhere that the best kind of travel is the one that's built around where your next meal will be. We aren't going to disagree with that sentiment. A memorable meal can be shared somewhere far away or at a local joint down the street, as our friend Kelly Purkey points out. 

Kelly lives in Brooklyn at the moment, is an avid traveler, and loves a good meal.  You'll be seeing more of her here on our blog as she introduces us to new places in Brooklyn, Nashville, Paris, or wherever else she decides to travel to. Today, she's showing us around Brooklyn and one of her favorite brunch spots, Milk & Roses

On cold winter weekends, there's only one thing that will get me out of bed. Brunch with friends. The promise of eggs, coffee, and good conversation. New Yorkers treat brunch like a religion, with many places to frequent on Sunday mornings. The waits for tables can be long, but if you dare to venture to an outer borough you're easily rewarded with an empty table and amazing food. My friend Chrissy was coming from Queens and I was coming from Brooklyn, so we met in a quiet part of Greenpoint at Milk and Roses.

Milk and Roses would be best suited for a cozy, romantic date but we found it to also be a cozy, warm place for brunch. The menu is on the smaller side but both Chrissy and I quickly decided that steak 'n eggs would be a perfect way to warm up that morning. It's a dish so large that we could have shared, but never fear, we are women who love to eat and scraped our plates clean. Milk and Roses is the kind of place that you can easily tuck into with a friend. The small tables and bigger booths make it the perfect place to stay a while and enjoy each other's company. 

Over multiple cups of coffee, we chatted about work, explored new ideas for building our careers, and talked about how the city keeps changing and people change with it. We were in an area of Brooklyn that is up and coming, sleepy and quiet now, but soon to be bursting with more New Yorkers taking over & moving in. It was nice to sit there on a Sunday morning and feel like we were in a little pocket of the city that is on the brink of something big. Almost like we were sharing a fantastic secret that is about to be discovered. And I can't think of a better reason to get out of bed.

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